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Tanzania Intermodal and Rail Development Project(TIRP)

Tanzania Intermodal and Rail Development Project (TIRP) is the World Bank funded project for the revival of the metre gauge railway network in Tanzania. This project is financed by the World Bank at US$300million.

Objectives of the Project

To provide a reliable open access infrastructure on the Dar es Salaam Port and Isaka segment of the Metre gauge Central Line.

About the Project

Project intends to rehabilitate Railway from Dar es Salaam to Isaka (970km) to increase its capacity of carrying freight from 13.5 Tones axle load to 18.5 axle load.

  • To construct new 80pound rail covering 312km.
  • To rehabilitate 658km railway.
  • To rehabilitate 442 bridges and culvets.
  • To improve communications system.
  • Rehabilitation of freight loading and offloading stations at Dar es Salaam Port, Ilala and Isaka Dry Port.
  • Other than rehabilitating the rail, under this project, 3 Locomotives, 44 wagons and tamping machines are being procured and repairing of two Locomotives.

Benefits of the Project

During the Project

  • Job opportunities.
  • Enhance the economy of the people surrounding the project.
  • Building knowledge and skills.

After the Project

  • Improvements on freight services.
  • Increase of Speed from 30kph to 70kph and reduce transportation costs.
  • Cut down time of uploading and offloading from Dar es Salaam port to Isaka Dry port to 24 hours.
  • Progressive plan in rail infrastructure rehabilitation to ensure reliable rail transport.
  • Building workers capacity to increase efficacy in services.
  • To reduce government burden in roads construction

Progress of the Project

  • This project involves the rehabilitation of the Meter Gauge Railways.
  • It involves two sections, from Dar es Salaam to Kilosa(283km) and from Kilosa to Isaka(687km).
  • Both section already have contractors and construction will commence on June 2018.
  • The project is now on Mobilization stage.

Issues to consider during the Project

  • Business arround railway stations without permit is strictly prohibited.
  • Business permits are available at the stations for free.
  • Pastoral activities are highly prohibited along the project sites.
  • Farmers are ordered to stop farming activities along the project site.
  • Heathy caution, it is necessary to all residents surrounding the project to avoid unprotected sex so as to reduce sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnant.
  • Any abusive acts should be reported immediately to government offices or through our contact addresses.
  • Avoid sitting, staring or crossing rail sections, it’s dangerous.
  • Citizens are advised to take opportunities created in the project as a wakeup call.