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Shirika la Reli Tanzania

Freight Services

Freight Services are operating on Central and Tanga Line where several Goods are transported to our respective customers, we transport all types of Cargo within Tanzania and neighbouring Countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, via Isaka, Mwanza and Kigoma (Domestic and Transit Traffic).

Our Routes


  • TO

Dar essalaam

  • Mwanza
  • General Cargo, Petroleum products

Dar es salaam

  • Kigoma
  • General Cargo, Petroleum products


  • Mwanza
  • Cement

Dar es salaam

  • Isaka
  • General Cargo


  • Morogoro
  • Tobacco

Dar es salaam

  • Tabora
  • General Cargo, Petroleum products


  • Dar es Salaam
  • Tobacco, Timber, Livestock


  • Dar es Salaam
  • Cotton, Cotton cake


  • Dar es Salaam
  • Coffee, Cinchona bark etc


  • Isaka, Kigoma, Mwanza
  • Cement, Petrol and Diesel

Block Train Operations

In block train operation, goods for a single customer are transported to single destination or goods for different customers with same address are taken to same destination. The Block train system improves on transit time by cutting down time involved in servicing the trains. Block train operation enabling through movements between origins and destinations thus ensuring fast, safe and secure deliveries.

Wagon Allocation System

We offer several types of Wagons that meet customer’s needs and satisfaction depending on type of cargo from general goods, gas, and solid goods. Improvements on wagon availability by allocations in advance thus eliminate on spot demand congestion



CCB-Container Carrier Bogie

  • For loading containers

HLB (C)-High Large Bogie

  • For loading containers, pipes, timber ,logs , iron coils etc.

CLB-Covered Large Bogie

  • For loading general cargo, Sugar, Cement, Salt, Cotton, Tobacco, Coffee etc

HLB(O)-High large bogie ordinary

  • For loading Pipes, Timber, Logs ,Iron, Coils etc

BHB-Ballast Hopper Bogie

  • For loading Ballast

PTB-Petroleum Tank Bogie

  • For loading Petroleum, Diesel,Oil etc

MGB-Motor Goods Bogie

  • For loading Motor vehicles,General cargo

CWB-Cattle Wagon Bogie

  • For loading Livestock


Tanzania Railways Corporation has special facilities to handle container traffic (CCBS, LSB(c), HLB(c)). The Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) crane at Dar es Salaam Port allows for easy containers interchange from yard to flatbed wagons and vice versa. In order to facilitate speedy interchange of transit containers, a Terminal has been established at Ilala Good Shed in Dar es Salaam where Reach Stacker is available for container handling.

Safety and Security

To ensure that movement of trains is accident free, the safety department makes sure of; Rehabilitation of permanent way and equipment, preventive maintenance programmes on permanent way and, enough incentives to eliminate apathy. A protection and Railway Police Units deal with security of cargo from point of loading to point of discharge seeing to it that no thefts, broaching, pilferage etc. takes place In a like manner security to passengers is guaranteed. All static points are manned by private security.

For more information

Toll Free Number; 0800110042

Email; trc.care@trc.co.tz