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Dry Ports

Isaka Dry Port

Isaka Dry Port is an Inland container terminal, which acquired the Dry port status since 1999. This has moved the port of Dar es Salaam nearer to the customers in the landlocked countries of Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. The concept here is that importers can take delivery of their cargo at this point. This is achieved by issuance of through transport document example ‘Thru Bills of Landing’ or ‘combined transport document’ with ‘place of delivery’ being Isaka. The conversion of Isaka into Dry Port means that all customs documentation can be done at Isaka instead of Dar es Salaam port hence decongest the Dar Port. Upon inception of facilities only only container traffic were handled and all other cargo were to be dealt with at later date. Arrangements are in pipeline to revamp the dry port operations which for the time being are dormant.

Private storage facilities

  • Total dry port area is 11.04 hectares
  • Stacking area is 12.350square meters paved and can handle 13,000 TEUS per annum.
  • Can handle 42, 583 MT tones cargo per in two transit sheds.
  • Two warehouses with storage capacity of 7,000mt.
  • Storage capacity of 2,000,000 litres of liquid cargo (Engen Facility)
  • Accommodate up to 240,000ml of loose bagged cargo.
  • New facilities are approximately 1,600,000 litres of liquid cargo.
  • Two railway sidings each accommodate 11 wagons at a time.
  • WFP capacity to handle 200,000 mt. of bagged cargo.
  • Storage capacity of 2,000 litres of liquid cargo.
  • Four forklifts to move 1 unit 5 tonnes, 1 units 3 tonnes each.
  • Crane with capacity of 35 tonnes, 2 container stackers for 20 and 40 containers.
  • 27KVD standby generator