Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
Shirika la Reli Tanzania

Long Distance Train

Traveling With Children

Below 6 Years: FREE
Age between 6 to 13 Years:

  • Second Class: Tsh. Half Ticket Fee.
  • Second Class: Tsh. Half Ticket Fee.
  • Third Class: Tsh. Half Ticket Fee.

Above 14 Years:

  • Second Class Sleeping: Tsh. Full Ticket Fee.
  • Second Class Sitting: Tsh. Full Ticket Fee.
  • Third Class: Tsh. Full Ticket Fee.


  • When booking for a ticket you need to have one of the following identity card; Voters Card, Driving License, Citizenship Card, Job ID Card, Insurance Card or a letter of identification from the local government.
  • Passenger can change a day trip three hours before the train departure.
  • Group tickets (over 7 pax) are available and can be booked as a single pair ticket or collective ticket.
  • Passengers can book tickets thirty (30) days in advance for the First Class and Second Class as for Third Class passenger can book a ticket four days in advance.


  • Second Class Sleeping: 40 Kilograms.
  • Second class Sitting: 30 Kilograms.
  • Third class: 20 Kilograms.